Night DB

I can't help but smile when I think of the DB night car at the Stone. Seeing John Ewell's s entry (guest book 1-5-04 4pm} brought back some good memories of the great "characters" (I mean that in a good way) that worked the night DB car. All were obviously outstanding cops. At FPK there was DB, Patrol, Community Relations, Gangs, Athletic coordinators, P1, P2 (perimeter security), Jailers, Desk, Narcotics, Mechanic, Mary unit, etc.. Then there was this "night DB" car. To the "untrained", it seemed as if they carried their own additional "personal" identity. If one could somehow visually picture the Stone as being situated in the middle of a tornado, the DB night car, and it's "occupants", would be like the Tasmanian Devil, spinning in and out of all the action. I don't believe anyone ever really knew where they were, or what they did. That is, until there was a problem. Then you knew exactly where they were, and what they would be doing.  They would be "right there", and "right in the middle" of it. Of course when the dust settled, they disappeared as fast as they had arrived. There would be definite unmistakable visual evidence that they had been there, but who were they, what part did they play in the “situation”? Like the famous "mask man", you were glad they arrived, and always glad for the hand. But..... for some reason no one ever ask who, or what they did. Who were all those "night DB" guys anyway? I didn't know them all personally, but for ones I knew, I'm sure glad we had them at the "Stone".


401,  Luther Smith and his partner  were the first unit to arrive at Arthur and Waters  998  (12-23-76 LINK) at Florence and Central. They scooped up the two wounded deputies and sped to St. Francis Hospital  80-90 MPH, you can hear over the radio 401 advise they were S/B Central Ave. to E/B Imperial Hwy and to block traffic at Alameda because they were not going to stop. [I am trying to get a  good copy of the orginal broadcast]
401 saved 2.