Here is one of the "ATTABOYS" the old timers talked about. Several SGTs and LTs would letter them with the deputies name and what they did. Usually they were put in the mailbox ot the officer. You got one for either an outstanding felony obs or something you did out of the ordinary. The indea was to get a thousand! HA! Nobody and I mean nobody, ever got more than five! They would cross out the ATTABOY side and circle AWSHIT! Then you started over. It was a lot of fun as the LT's and SGT's would give you one AWSHIT if your wristwatch did not match theirs. (No appeal)                                                  
I was working ELA Narcs when the incident occurred.  My brother-in-law knew both the victim and the perp who was her ex-boyfriend.  When I asked him if he knew what happened, he advised that he had no direct knowledge of the incident but had recently seen the boyfriend and he was observed with several scratches about the face and neck.  The boyfriend explained to my brother-in-law that he had gotten the scratches during a fight with several "Homos" in Long Beach.  Now it didn't take a genius to smell something wrong with that story.  I called the Lennox detectives who were working the case and turned them on to the suspect, who during interrogation spilled his guts and 'copped to the crime'. 

I was shocked when I got the commendation letter from Peter J.  I called the guys who worked the case and they told me that they were at a dead end at the time as they had nothing to lead them to a boyfriend ex or otherwise, and that the info I gave broke the case.  They were the ones who put me in for the letter.  I guess there is something to be said for being at the right place at the right time.  

Jack Miller
FPK '61~'66
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