"Firestone Christmas" 

By Sgt.Mike Griffin

*Twas the night before Christmas as I snuck in the house;

not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

As I looked all around, strange things I did see;

no stockings, no presents, not even a tree.

There were drawings by children and a photo or two;

one of some Pirates, quite a rough looking crew.

In the dark of the room I saw boots spit shined bright;

Then something else gleamed in the moonís partial light.

Upon a tan shirt, hung neatly and pressed;

was a six-pointed star, pinned to the left breast.

I saw things that were different, in this house where I stopped;

it was the home of a Deputy, the home of a Cop.

Iíd heard stories about them, and I wished to see more;

so I sat down my bag and pushed open a door.

In a small room, there were two empty beds;

where some children must sleep, where they laid their small heads.

I looked a bit closer as I walked down the hall;

there were pictures and papers that covered the walls.

I thought no one was home on this cold winterís night;

then I felt a cold shiver and was filled with pure fright.

A hand held my arm; its grip was quite strong;

then a voice said, "Relax Santa, youíve done nothing wrong."

My kids are not here, I just finished a double;

you have nothing to fear, and youíre not in trouble.

His face was not angry, just weathered and tan;

I then understood, this was a kind, gentle man.

Get us a beer while I give them a call;

they wait up late each night, even though theyíre quite small.

My eyes filled with tears and my throat got so tight;

as he told them he loved them, Merry Christmas, good night.

We spoke for a while, then he fell fast sleep;

so I sat there just watching, not making a peep.

I watched him for hours, so silent and still;

and noticed he shivered from the cold Winterís chill.

So I went for a blanket in a room down the hall;

where I stopped and looked closely at the things on the wall.

Citations and letters and awards made of gold;

stories of bravery and courage and honor they told.

As I covered him up, as I watched his deep sleep;

I felt so much sadness I started to weep.

All the families I saw on this long Winterís night;

owe their lives to these men who protect and who fight.

They all enjoy safety, each day of the year;

because of the men, like the one sleeping here.

As I looked for a gift, as I dug through my sack;

I heard, "Donít bother Santa, thereís nothing I lack."

"This is the life I have chosen to lead;

I have all that I want, there is nothing I need."

"Watch your ass as you fly, tonight in your sleigh;

dressed as you are, some might think that youíre gay".

"And when you enter a house, donít act like a thief;

you never know when, someone might give you grief".

"If those reindeer have shit on my roof, sweep it clean;

or Iíll have them for dinner, and you know what I mean".

Then he went back to sleep, and I left him alone;

Even Santa donít f**k with a Deputy from the Stone! 

Firestone 13 is TEN-15 with 4, Code 6 Station, BookingÖAgainÖ. Merry Christmas!