Phil Goldhammer was an icon in the Firestone Station area. For years his liquor store at the corner of 95th and Alameda was a place where, during business hours, deputies could use the phone to clear calls with the station before the days of in-car computers. Phil always had a coffee pot going or a cold soda for those who wanted to cool off. He liked having the deputies around because it cut down on robberies and other crimes and more importantly because he truly enjoyed befriending and supporting those who policed the area.

There was a desk in his office in the back that could be used for writing complicated crime reports and a dictionary there for poor spellers as well as pencils and blank paper. When there was a Firestone Station get together, Phil would spring for drinks and other supplies to help us out and his generosity came from the heart. Little known to many was Phil’s involvement with the Shriners and his efforts on behalf of kids with medical problems that the Shriners would help at no cost. Some of those kids belonged to Firestone Station personnel and others were the children of community members who were among the good and decent folks who Phil had befriended.

He was devoted to his family, his community, his religion, the Shriners and the men and women who wore the Badge of Honor as they policed the streets near his business. He was a true friend and many of us who came to know Phil have lost a treasure. He was a kind and generous man who gave more that he received from those of us at Firestone Station.

May God bless him and hold him forever in a place reserved for a Mensch and a good friend!!

  P H I L  G O L D H A M M E R  - R.I.P.
      The flags over the Firestone Center flew at half staff in honor of Phil.
The County Board of Supervisors also adjourned their weekly meeting in his honor. 
I remember my first night as 10Sam, Christmas Eve 1989, I was introduced to Phil and he promptly took me into his back room and gave me a bottle of Peach Champagne. Hell of a nice guy and big supporter of the Station.  Moon