Photo's courtesy of Curtis Jackson
Saturday, July 22, 2006
                                       HERE'S TO REAL FRIENDS
Dear Friends,
I regret to inform you that on July 15, 2006 my father passed away. This is a website that was dedicated to my Dad from his former Sheriffs Dept. (LASD Firestone). Please take a moment to view this special memorial.  The services held yesterday were beautiful and everyone did a wonderful job of honoring my father. Many of my father's former partners and fellow officers flew down from several  different states. They were such a comfort to my family and to me as they were kind enough to share some of the craziest and funniest stories about my Dad "Lou”. Officers who were unable to attend the service wrote me and sent yet more great stories that I am sure I will return to time and time again.  Uncle Stacey (Dad's best friend) probably put it best...Saying Luther was synonymous with yelling Fire! Fire Arms, Fireworks, Fire fight, Camp Fire and of course, Gun Fire. Yes, now we all know just where I got it! The friendship all those men showed was, well...something that many of us may never be lucky enough to see, much less have.  And, if we do, we’re grateful to have maybe one or two at most. Party friends come a dime a dozen don’t they...But how many of us would travel to other states if a friend we hadn't seen in a year or so passed away? How many would help take care of their children and grandchildren? How many would give our addresses and phone numbers to their family in case they should need anything and really mean it? How many of our friends would do it for us? That's more than a friend, that’s “COP’S”, real “COP”S”...that’s family.

I can’t express what it felt like to have them all here with us. I was so worried before, because we really don’t know anyone and now we are alone. I felt so proud to see all that back-up come in when we needed it most.

I also want to thank all the friends who attended the services, especially the people who didn’t ever have the chance to meet my father but still found time to come and pay their respects and share in our grief...thank you
                               He was a legendary man from a legendary place....
                               He was feared by some, but respected by all....
aka "Latina"