To trespass on another's game preserve in order to steal   animals or to hunt without the landowner's permission
                                                Random House Dictionary
                  L A P D   N E W T O N   D I V
                       GAME PRESERVE

I was working 11 E.M. in the early 70's  and my partner, Bill Neumann and I liked to poach north of Slauson Ave. in LAPD Newton Div. We would hide in a parking lot south of Slauson and would stop any car going north towards the projects. A good  one was a recovered stolen San Bernardino Policeman's 357 mag revolver and  bagged 3 suspects.

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By Harry Penny
By Harry Penny
By Ron Sipes
My “poaching” story is about me and Jim Masters in the early 70’s. We were working 15D I think (Willowbrook anyway) and Jim decided that he wanted a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Jim had been an officer in Milwaukee around the turn of the 20th Century and remembered Dunkin’ Donuts fondly. When he found out a Dunkin’ Donuts had been opened in Torrance he couldn’t stand it so off to Torrance we went (with orders from all of the other South End units). Here we are motoring quietly down the boulevard when we see a window smash and suspect entering a store. What to do (this was long before cell phones). After taking dumbass into custody what do we see but a local ambulance driving by. After flagging down the ambulance and advising that there was a burglar flex-cuffed in the store we told the ambulance to please call Torrance PD because we had to get back to serving civil processes for the Superior Court! As always Jim was right; the donuts were delicious.

Jack Climer
FPK 74-77
T H E   W O R L D   I S   M Y   D O N U T ! ! !