Submitted by:
Jerry Boyd FPK 68-71 Sgt 74
Here’s a quiz for those who worked FPK in the 60’s & 70’s.  If you miss 5 or less thank God you’re still sharp enough to have a good memory.  If you miss more than half check with your physician…there may be medication you can take.

1. What airport was “guarded” by off-duty Deputies on an OT basis?
2. What were the radio callsigns (not that it mattered given the lack of handheld radios) assigned to the two guard       towers erected at the SE and NW corners of the station following the Panthers grenade attack on EM shift?
3. What was the name of the “watering hole” frequented by many Deputies in the City of Huntington Park?
4. What substance was occasionally inserted into the heater intakes of unattended radio cars?
5. What non-code 3 equipped units were occasionally involved in pursuits at FPK?
6. What was the hospital of choice for injured Deputies?
7. What 999 resulted in a parade of FPK units going way out of area while units that remained at home ack’d their        calls using the call signs of those that went to the 999?
8. Whose brand new radio car (less than 100 miles) got smashed up big time during the first 15 minutes after             arriving at the first ELA riot?
9. Who did we used to pay to shine our shoes and “Plastilux” our gunbelts?
10. What court Deputy showed up in uniform at a station open house carrying a Bisley Colt in his duty holster?
11. What were the model numbers of the three most popular SAPS carried by FPK deputies?
12. Pre-Kel Light, what were 5 & 6 cell flashlights at FPK wrapped with?
13. What two objects were carried behind the ammo pouches by some FPK deputies?
14. What FPK Sgt stood on the hood of his radio car, baton raised, and yelled “everybody goes to jail” at the scene       of a 415 gang fight in the Florence area?
15. During the ’69 Watts Summer Festival what type of building did a large group of white helmeted LAPD officers         run out of when the ____ hit the fan in Will Rogers Park and help was needed?
16. What was the radio call sign for the FPK Narco Unit?
17. What aero bureau pilot was known to land in the middle of an intersection in the Brook, exit with his baton,           render assistance, and they fly off when all was code 4?
18. What large flying machine was hijacked by a 5150 in the south end?
19. Other than SEB, the only station where the wearing of _________ was “approved” at all times was FPK.
20. The Court Deputy referred to in #10 was directed by the Captain to polish his badge (it was green).  What            kitchen chemical did he use to accomplish that?

                                          BONUS QUESTION
What was the RTO # of the dispatcher downtown who most often worked PM shift and most often worked FPK’s frequency?