by Duane Preimsberger

Partners, please think kind thoughts as you remember me.  It was God’s will so my leaving was meant to be.  Hear the songs that speak of life’s end.  And to my family, now with me gone, I hope you’ll tend. I loved the job; you know that’s true.  And what made it so special was being partnered with each of you.  I’m up here now where all is good, but I’ll be watching as you patrol the "hood".  For now and forever I’m 10-7.  But some day I hope we’ll partner up again in Heaven.     

Rest In Peace.
JULY 2006
  Retired Homicide Sergeant Stu Reed passed away at home on January 26, 2018, surrounded by family and friends. 
Years at F.P.K. 1968/1974....
  Not all men are created equal. Gene Fines was born February 5, 1930 in Taylorville, Illinois. He passed away on February 6, 2009 in Temecula, California. He was a child piano prodigy with genius I.Q. (Apparently it skips a generation)! He joined the USMC when he was seventeen and served in Korea. He was a Kansas City, Mo. police officer. We moved to California in 1959 and he joined LASD. He was the Honor Cadet of Class #83. He retired from Carson station as a sergeant in 1983.