John Stacy Tuesday, 7/16/02, 11:18 AM
  I  have the original FBI wanted poster for Patti Hearst and the Harrises. I remember that the girls at Hercules hamburger joint on Imperial Hwy kept telling us that a female that looked like Patti, and 2 other people, came in there for large bags of hamburgers, but we knew it couldn't be them because Intelligence told us they had left LA! You can still see bullet holes in the buildings at 54th & Compton.
Dates at FPK:  72-80


Bill Bernsen Tuesday, 7/16/02, 2:39 PM
John.....I recall that Milburn and I were S/B on Central Ave heading towards Imperial Hwy to our area in Willowbrook when the following "C" code Broadcast came out; "Beep Beep Beep" Attention Lennox and Firestone units Inglewood P.D. advises a 211 with shots fired just occured at Mel's Sporting Goods Store, suspects were 2 white females and 1 white man armed with an automatic rifle, last seen leaving the location in a red/white VW bus, any info. contact Inglewood P.D........ Well, Milburn and I both looked at each other and said "whites, they'll go west/bound" So we continued past Imperial Hwy and into the Brook. Days later we found out that Patti and her friends headed E/B on Imperial Hwy to Lynwood where they kidnapped a hippy in his car and head to Orange county. WE WERE IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME.
Dates at FPK:  72-76

9122 S. Compton ave. Los Angeles Calif, 90002


Bill Bernsen Friday, 12/6/02, 4:33 PM
Dick Shear.... Do you recall the time we were working 14 days, E. Compton and at morning briefing the Sgt said, "An order from the Captain... Do not go near the Black Muslim HQ in the city of Compton, it is not our area, so stay away.... After briefing we drove directly to the Muslim HQ, thinking that there must be some fun trouble at the HQ. About a block away we observed a late model black Cadillac parked in a school parking lot with 3 bad looking dudes in it. Just the fun trouble we were looking for. We ended up with a loaded shotgun in the back sit, a hand gun and lots of 100 dollar bills and lots of lies and 3 Ten-15. In route back to the station I said "I am glad you guys did not try a shoot out with us; because of the kids in the school yard and the suspect said "Ya that's why we didn't". At the station I was Xeroxing the money for an N.C.I.C check and Captain Mear walked in and said "What... are you going to milk this arrest all day"?, but no comment on the Muslim Hq... Dick, it was great to work with you, "along time ago". I kept the report and when I get a chance I'll put in on the "poaching" page of the Web site.
Dates at FPK:  72-76


SLD Smith Sunday, 12/8/02, 10:48 AM
I just recalled an incident where allegedly a yellow Ford van pulled up in front of Black Panther headquarters in the Brook late one night. There were quite a few gunshots fired from the van into the building. Apparently no one was hurt and as I recall Homicide found a whole bundle of newspapers lying in the street from the organizaion known as, "US" which was run by a bald black dude named Ron Karenga. I think they determined that this was some kind of inter black activist shootout. Funny though because as I also recall all of the recovered brass and shotgun shells were the same brand, gauge and/or caliber as those which were issued to LASD deputies. Sounds like a
Dates at FPK:  69-75


Harry Penny Monday, 12/9/02, 7:22 AM
Ah, yes...the muslim HQ. They really didn't like those red "Parking Warnings". On the serious side, does anyone remember the Panther newspaper that had the pigs in the cartoons? They had one edition that had the complete details of the various radio cars, TST buses, etc. and which angle they had to shoot from so it would go throug to get the driver.
Dates at FPK:  65-67

YES!  FIRESTONE WAS THERE...............Dep. Milburn is squatting by to radiocar, Sgt. Ike Aguilar next to him & Dep. Bob Trostle running for cover to the left.  Sgt Aguilar advises that "if you look close enough, you can actually see the 'crap' running down my legs"
            U.S. RON KARENGA
ACCORDING TO COURT DOCUMENTS, Karenga's real name is Ron N. Everett. In the '60s, he awarded himself the title "maulana," Swahili for "master teacher." He was born on a poultry farm in Maryland, the fourteenth child of a Baptist minister. He came to California in the late 1950s to attend Los Angeles Community College. He moved on to UCLA, where he got a Master's degree in political science and African Studies. By the mid-1960s, he had established himself as a leading "cultural nationalist." That is a term that had some meaning in the '60s, mainly as a way of distinguishing Karenga's followers from the Black Panthers, who were conventional Marxists.

Another way of distinguishing might be to think of Karenga's gang as the Crips and the Panthers as the bloods. Despite all their rhetoric about white people, they reserved their most vicious violence for each other. In 1969, the two groups squared off over the question of who would control the new Afro-American Studies Center at UCLA. According to a Los Angeles Times article, Karenga and his adherents backed one candidate, the Panthers another. Both groups took to carrying guns on campus, a situation that, remarkably, did not seem to bother the university administration. The Black Student Union, however, set up a coalition to try and bring peace between the Panthers and the group headed by the man whom the Times labeled "Ron Ndabezitha Everett-Karenga."

On Jan. 17, 1969, about 150 students gathered in a lunchroom to discuss the situation. Two Panthersadmitted to UCLA like many of the black students as part of a federal program that put high-school dropouts into the schoolapparently spent a good part of the meeting in verbal attacks against Karenga. This did not sit well with Karenga's followers, many of whom had adopted the look of their leader, pseudo-African clothing and a shaved head.

In modern gang parlance, you might say Karenga was "dissed" by John Jerome Huggins, 23, and Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter, 26. After the meeting, the two Panthers were met in the hallway by two brothers who were members of US, George P. and Larry Joseph Stiner. The Stiners pulled pistols and shot the two Panthers dead. One of the Stiners took a bullet in the shoulder, apparently from a Panther's gun.

Mike Devereaux Thursday, 12/12/02, 9:40 AM
Remember when Ron Karenga showed up at the station and parked his vehicle in the red zone in front of the station and a certain captain, wouldn't allow us to cite his vehicle....strange and difficult days....including his farewell speech
Dates at FPK:  65-69

I got this from a friend of mine who got it from a friend of his…We just don’t know what year this flyer was sent out.  I was thinking maybe you could put up a new bracket or folder labeled “Do you know when?”  It would be kind of a neat trivia thing to do, especially when it comes to certain articles, photos, or incidents.    Still hunting for more stuff….Asta, 

Tommy Carter

Had to be in the mid-70's Chief Davis on flyer