FPK 1992

By Cam Mooney


What luck.. I couldn't believe my fortune... going back to my sacred training grounds... Firestone.... in a riot... what pure joy

Driving down the 101/11/Florence Ave from our nice, safe, clean, sandy station we encountered a city burning... police absent... looters everywhere...

When we arrived at FPK the platoon had already been mobilized and we were given the job as "roving patrol"..... I couldn't contain my delight.... while the rest of the deputies were doing the "hurry up and wait" routine we were out driving around the station area....

After realizing there weren't going to be any normal calls for service we began aggressive/preventive patrol



One minute out we see a  guy pushing a shopping cart  down FPK Blvd with a safe and ten new tires piled high in it.... well he  got his tires thrown into the junkyard on Alameda... we recycle you know... and the safe was put in one of our trunks, later opened and returned to its owners ...cash and jewelry intact... and the suspect,,, well he received  a "stern" counseling and hobbled home... the riot was over for him


G.I. Liquor at 94 and Alameda... gosh if we cant protect Phil who can we protect... anyway we found two Mo's in a FORD van using a chain to pull off Phil's security bars..... amazingly the suspects were sent walking south to Jordan Downs where we were sure they would be met warmly.....to the sound of gunshots,,,, Karma... 20 minutes later we came back around and saw the suspects van fully engulfed having been torched by other "good" citizens... oh well.. Things happen in a riot


We did some time in Huntington Park... by that time the new BMW dealer had already lost all his front lot inventory... the looters hot wiring cars and driving them out the showroom windows... what a sight... anyway we saw a car full of looters back into a store window... jump out and begin looting the contents right in front of us... WTF... this isn't the city. We aren't going to let this happen... so we stop the suspects (driving a new MBZ, full of stolen property).... twelve of us do a tactical approach and detain the suspects.... the driver alleges we stole her money as we order her to drive to the station with us...(yes suspects did drive themselves to jail!)   right there in the middle of the riot the two deputies (Jake Kuredjian and Jerome Clark) began to strip so i could see they hadn't taken any money... it was amazing... anyway a careful interview by Sid Heal, the W/c, and a polygraph cleared up the "misunderstanding".... Were any of the suspects we booked that night ever charged... heck I donít know... but even the ones we arrested for good 211's... and one of 664/187 we never got subpoenas for....

(Jake Kuredjian was later KIA in S.C.... I was lucky to know him)


I felt sorry for the National Guard guys with no ammo.... a couple of times I doled out the silver bullet.... by the end of the night there were prisoners flex cuffed to many of the phone poles on Florence.... the next morning some of them lay asleep in weird positions waiting for dayshift to free them....occasionally there would be only the remains of the flex ties and blood was on the pole where the suspect had freed himself.... or maybe even become a victim... a riot is a tough place to be:)


We didnít sit in the station... we didnít have report to anybody... we didnít get any calls... we were twelve deputies who in the middle of the riot on PM and E M shifts were what the citizens saw of FPK station... by the time the Platoon deployed the knuckleheads had gone to ground..... I will never forget the privilege I was given.... kudos to Dave Furmanski... thanks Dave


Our Department made a mistake.... they should have let us ALL be on patrol... from second one... riot... what riot

It wouldnít have been any noisier than a Mexican gangbanger party on Saturday night...

My only regrets.... I couldn't be there for ALL the shifts.... the other sergeants wouldnít trade with me....even for three days swaps...oh well


Cam Mooney- fpk 81-85