Tom Brown Tuesday, 7/8/03, 7:40 PM
Jack Boberg that housing tract was palm lane never went on a call in there without one or two backups
Dates at FPK:  63-74

Mike Devereaux Tuesday, 7/8/03, 8:25 PM
Shoot Tom....remember Bud Landreth and I rolling up and down the alleys of Palm Lane code three at 3am in the morning just trying to keep awake the idiots that caused all the confusion earlier in the evening. What the hell why let them sleep. I guess Martin Luther King hospital was built on top of Palm Lane. Must needed hellos to "Dirty Dan Bollinger"....Howdy Dan. As I remember...you really didn't like the name "Dead eye"....we talked about that....remember??????Glad to see you are still alive and kicking. And....Lord have mercy...Charlie Vaughn....Glad to see you are still around...best range master I ever saw or knew...God bless Charlie
Dates at FPK:  65-69

Jack Boberg Wednesday, 7/9/03, 6:21 PM
Tom B. your right, the residents of Palm Lane didn't have much respect for the Deputies. That small area was known as the Projects of Willowbrook. Mike D. I think it was Sgt. Stanfied (known to be a little different) that started the code 3 runs with radio cars at 3 or 4 AM down through all the streets in Palm Lane.........sometimes causing the swithboard at the desk to light up with calls. Those were the good times............at FPK That great Deputy, Doug Travis was also known as the un-official Mayor of Willowbrook.
Dates at FPK:  56 to 67

Harry Penny Thursday, 7/10/03, 7:50 AM
I remember Doug and his partner rolling as our backup on a 415 in Palm Lane. He arrived, complete with the red wig, and the crowd slowly quieted down saying "Uh oh, the "Mayor" is here". Being new I had no idea of who the mayor was. Duh! Cleared call as "415 -disturbing parties GOA". Yes, he left a great legacy as a "cop's cop" and a great person.
Dates at FPK:  65-67

The bulldozers were at work in early 1968, for the furture home of MLK HOSPITAL                   K. Brown
Jack Boberg wants to know if  anyone recalls this housing track in Willowbrook?