By Jerry Taylor

They stepped outside

                               Heard the black ‘n whites hummin

                                                             Lookout folks, its Firestone comin.

Step aside

            Against the wall

                          Lord pity those that broke the law.

Easy folks

                Stay cool, or

                                 Learn what it is

                                                         To get jammed by a Firestone Crew.

Easy Dude

                You can’t win

                                Specially against a man

                                                          They call Black Jack Guinn.

Check that Dude in Green ‘n Tan

                                  Called “Cold Ice Man”

                                              Cold in the heart

                                              Colder ‘n the eye,

                                               Hit a man who wish’d he died

Talk of that fool who played the role

                      Heaven his heart the devil his soul

                                       Crazy man ain’t around no more.

Get out of the way

               They hits the reds

                           Sounds the wail

                                        Hot pursuit

                                                  Close on a crazy man’s tail.

                                                           Down Lou Dillon,

                                                                    Into Downs,

                                               Look at ‘em scatter like rabbits and clowns.

Down thru the north end

         Down through the Brook,

                 Catch that outlaw

                             Caught that crook.

To those who run

                Later get caught,

                                 Consider your soul His,

                                              Your ass has been bought.

To those who doubt ‘n

             Those who dare,

                          To them, a mark of a Sap they’ll proudly wear.

We’re second to none

              Apart from the rest

                         We’re Number One,

                                   Considered the Best.

Proud do we walk

              Prouder we Stand

                            Step aside folks for the Firestone Man.