Firestone Station's very own singing deputies present...




Sung to the tune of "I'm looking over

a four leaf clover"


I've got some handcuffs,

some brand new handcuffs,

that I haven't used before....

they're all chrome plated with

a double lock too..........

Oh how I wish... to click them

on you...


No need explaining the reason

for detaining, just why I'm

arresting you............

I've got some handcuffs, some

brand new handcuffs...that

I haven't used before.

                                                           C.J. Anderson  #1922

                                                        FPK    1961

Here is a list of my singing partners:

               1961  Deputy Lawrence Dobbins  #2404

               1962  Deputy  John  Ramsey  #2286

               1963  Deputy  David Galceran  #2687

               1964  Deputy  William  Patterson  #2847

               1965  Deputy  Curtis Ratzlaff  #2945

               God Bless these great guy’s. Wherever they are!   (We should really be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!)


My wife came across this the other day, read it and said "you should send this to Bill"    "Everyone already knows you have a screw loose!"

She came across a little song I wrote way back in '61.... My partners and I had a lot of fun with it through the years.  Imagine it's a quiet graveyard shift and the Watch Sgt. is almost ready to nod off.   Suddenly the back door of the station fly's open and two "Yahoo" * Deputies come through singing and dragging a completely bewildered Drunk Driver for booking.  At the end of the song both deputies do a little tap dance shuffle.    Most Sgt's (completely lacking in Music Talent, just yelled for us to book'em and get out!)    But the rest of the station was awake!  We performed this once in the field in making an arrest with half the neighborhood looking on.  Problems could have arisen but my partner (Galceran) broke out with the song.   Everybody thought it was unusual as they had never witnessed singing deputies.  Lot's of smiles and giggles.   One woman called it Police Brutality!  (Another critic)


                             *YAH00.... NOTHING TO DO WITH COMPUTER SERVICE!

               Writer Jonathan Swift..."Travels to Several Remote Nations of the World” Yahoo’s are the most unpleasant creatures on earth...natural disposition for dirt.  They live on the island of Houyhnhnms in the South Atlantic. Their Leader is always the ugliest and most deformed.