The FPK Mutt

                                                             By Drake Robles

He was a proud ol’ mutt, Ol' Stoner was.

A true Stoney Boy, through and through,

Allowing no one to pass except Stoney Boys,

and sometimes “Number 2 in Blue.”


It’s not that Stoner didn’t like them,

LAPD ghetto cops earned their respect day after day,

But most crooks knew that west of Central Avenue

Was the safer side-- the City -- a place where they should stay.


Now don’t get me wrong… there’s no disrespect meant.

77th was an honorable place to do your eight if you wore blue.

But if you wore the County Star, there was only one place…

N/W Corner of Compton Avenue and Nadeau.


Stoner walked the lot with a steady gait,

Stopping many, allowing in only a few.

But ‘round ’76, sneaking in on duty status

Entered a scoundrel crew in Blue.


Lured into the cruiser with “Jimmy’s BBQ” ribs,

Stoner though he was being rewarded.... You’d think.

Until he was returned with a Poodle cut,

A bow, and his coat putrid pink.


“Post-Trauma Syndrome,” it had to be.

Experienced by most at the Stone.

A man’s best friend reduced to a whimper,

Stoner was ready to look for a home.


For the next few days, he could not be seen,

Except when he rolled in the dirt.

His neutered pride and pinkish coat

Left him less-than-a-dog, and hurt.


But news spread quickly of this dastardly deed.

The New York Times even covered it, too.

Several days off for using City equipment on City time

The LAPD Chief gave that crew in Blue…


There were mixed emotions, that’s for sure.

When the Blue Crew got spanked so hard.

The Stony Boys had their own plans for 77th

But Stoner now grinned, again patrolling the yard.

I really don’t recall what happened

To Stoner, upon this episode’s end?

But you can rest assured that those who were there 

Remember Stoner as a Stony Boy’s Best Friend.