LOCATED AT CENTURY STATION
He is marked as someone Different by the Star upon his
Chest Courage and Commitment run deep inside his Breast,

He loves his Wife and Children they are his Guiding Light
And each day he leaves them to drive a Black and White,

He talks to a Greater Power and he listens to the Wind
They help him to forget Moments that are buried deep Within,

The Citizens pay small attention to the Sacrifices he Makes
But the Memories he carries speak of the Risks he Takes,

Liberty requires payment and with Blood it’s sometimes Bought
By Peacekeepers such as he in the Battles that are Fought,

We can’t forget our Peacekeepers or let them Die in Vain
Heartfelt Respect and Honor can ease his Family’s Pain,

Our Liberty will be Taken if no one is to Defend
God Bless those Peacekeepers Fallen who cannot Fight Again. 
       by Duane Preimsberger