Deputy Gary Saunders was murdered by Trindad Iglesias, after a short foot pursuit near Florence and Holmes.
This is what I recall about Gary being Murdered. Gary was still in training. He and his partner were working the North End, in the Florence area. I think that was 11D but I am not sure. They stopped to talk to some Male Mexicans in a residential area. When they got out of their black and white the group did what all-good gang bangers do. They ran. Unfortunately, Gary split from his Training Officer and chased one of the subjects to a residence. The subject ran up the steps of the house with Gary close behind him. As the subject reached the porch of the house, he turned and kicked Gary under the chin, knocking him backward onto the ground. I do not know if Gary was unconscious or not. The suspect then took Gary's weapon and shot him three times in the chest. We were not wearing Vests during that time. This occurred during the period that the "Brown Berets" were becoming active in the area. I think the most upsetting part of this whole incident was that Trinidad Iglesias was convicted of "Second Degree" Murder. His attorney was able to convince the Jury that because of the harassment the Mexicans were receiving in the area that the suspect was in fear of his life. This was even after the suspect demonstrated in open court how he took Gary's weapon and stood over him and shot him three times. I would like to add that it was totally uncharacteristic of Gary to leave his training officer. He most likely acted out of instinct and ran after the closest person to him. Gary was a developing into a fine Deputy. He already was a fine human being.  May he rest in peace, and may Trinidad rot in Hell.

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