Deputy James W. Waygood  and his partner were responding code 3 to 415 fight call with a request for assistance by another unit at Hooper school. Waygood was killed in a traffic collision on 92nd st. and Central, after a
T-bird ran a red light. The collision wrapped the radio car around a tree and sheared off the emergency lights sending them 100 plus feet down the road. Waygood was pinned  against the dash board. Firemen pulled him out and  applied first aid until the ambulance arrived. Waygood died a short time later.
I clipped this article out of the LA Times when it
appeared.  I was one of the units that was helping to direct the traffic and such.  Jim rode with me a
couple of times when Lawton was off. I remembered him as a good young deputy that wanted to learn.  Nice person. A tragic loss. 

He was the second FPK deptuy that I personally knew to get killed in the line of duty.  The first was Ron Ludlow.  I had worked the jail with him and then FPK. Ron got killed during the 65 riots.  Jack Miller took him to the hospital.


Biographical Info
Age: Not available
Tour of Duty: Not available
Badge Number: Not available

Incident Details
Cause of Death: Automobile accident
Date of Incident: October 11, 1967

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