This video was developed due to an incident occurring in 1987 involving LAPD Harbor Division and LASD Carson Station. The video illustrates to LAPD officers how to identify a uniformed LASD deputy sheriff.  Chief Darryl Gates was not amused by the video.  Personnel investigations were conducted which culminated in a ten-day suspension for one of the LASD deputies. Understand he had a great time fishing in the Eastern Sierras!  Webmaster's Note:  Video is in HD format and takes a moment to load.....It can be played in full screen mode by clicking the Full screen icon on the lower right hand side of the video screen.
On the surface this is pretty funny....Having worked Firestone in the 60's before Carson, I can attest to the strained relations btw LAPD and LASD at that time. I can only assume if this situation had occured then, it surly would have come to a shoot-out. I can't see guys like Gill, Travis, Parra, or Bullis, etc letting LAPD get the "drop" on 'em much less being put down on the street. Furthermore I can only imagine what the reaction of a 10-sam like Lanzini, Reed or Boberg, or a 10-L like Austin or Meenk would have been. I know, I know, 'lotsa' water under the bridge, with different people, in different times.              My opinion!! jm FPK 61-66

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